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Thursday, October 13, 2011


I will write a little bit about the topic I find very interesting and is very much linked to the future in audio. I find electronic music very facinating as it is by many considered to be not real music. Electronic music is interesting because it is new and goes hand in hand with technology and computers. Although it has existed for a long time, ever since Kraftwerk put it on the map, but has in the latest ten years exploaded. Nowadays everyone is a dj, or at least claim to be one, because with technology it has enabled us to do everything in a much easier way than before when special skills was needed to create music.

Three blogs or web pages who also mention music and audio in an interesting way are Residentadvisor, iflyer and native instruments. Resident advisor because it is the biggest electronic music magazine which is web based. All information on artists, tourdates, music events and clubs close to where you live can be found. It recently just launched in Japanese and are now also available in Japanese. Native instruments is very handy as you can find everything from what product or technology to use to various news or product support.  

AUDIO Tokyo Electronic Music Festival
Image: AUDIO Tokyo Electronic Music Festival by localjapantimes through CC licensing.

The reason why I am saying all of this is because digital storytelling is a craft that uses the tools of digital technology to tell stories about our lives. Done properly, storytelling can be a powerful evocative and emotional way of communicating themes and stories, often touching us in deeper ways than one-dimensional videos that rarely probe beneath the surface of poeple's lives. What better way of communicating that than through electronic music.

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  1. From personal experience, I agree that recent developments make it easy to create music, distribute it and also be a radio dj. Actually, I have no experience with creating music, but I have been able to play music and talk on internet radio through ds106 radio.

    Perhaps you'd be interested in doing an audio project and playing it on ds106 radio. I hope you do.

    As for the midterm, I only see two hyperlinks and am not sure that they are blogs.